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Mr. Abhijeet Srinivas, Program Head, DELLEMC, awards to Prof.Sivapullaiah, Honble ProVC-GITAM Bengaluru, the certificate of establishment of Centre of Excellence for DELLEMC at the campus. The Directorate of T & P facilitated an MoU in this regard.
The Directorate of T&P facilitated AUTODESK academic partnership for GITAM Bengaluru. A Centre of Excellence for AUTODESK was inaugurated at the campus after an MoU creation.

With an inclination towards, collaboration with industry, Directorate of T & P-GITAM Bengaluru furthered a Memorandum of Understanding with Oracle, which helped our students in being introduced to niche areas in ORACLE services.

GITAM Bengaluru Campus collaborates with ICT Academy, a GOI Invitiative for skilling the Engineering graduates in upcoming technology. An MoU duly signed by Mr.Siva Kumar- CEO, ICT Academy and Prof. Sivapullaiah - ProVC GITAM Bengaluru, was exchanged in this regard.

Prof Sivapullaiah, Honle ProVC received Certificate of Membership, from ICT Academy.

GITAM Bengaluru Campus being in forefront of Corporate relations, has strove and successfully created an MoU with Confederation of Indian Industry, through which GITAM became a witness for various corporate events.