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Literacy club:

“Literature is a feeling where you can hear the voice of writer even in his absence”.

Literature had the power to change the “world” with words….!!

Literature provides pleasure to listeners and readers. It’s a type of relaxation which develops your thinking skills. Discussions about literature brings out reasoning skills, imagination skills in you. It helps to build experiences and to expand your horizons.

About Us:

SPARCHE – Literature club organized by the students of “GITAM University”, Bangalore. It’s a group of like minded people who felt in love with “WORDS”. It’s a great platform to all young writers, poets and readers to exhibit their talents.

We welcome any individual who had passion towards reading and writing with creativity. We have only one life, we don’t know whether we can live another, If you want to experience more lives in a single life join with us!!!


Our Aim is to create a platform for all young writers and readers to explore the Literary world and to enhance the creative mind in them.

And also to improve mental simulation, vocabulary, Memory, stronger analytical skills, writing skills and so on of students who are part of this club.

What we Do:

  • Discussions on literature.
  • Book Reviews (Irrespective of genres).
  • Presentation of poems and writings from young writers.
  • Weekly Competition on writings and reviews.
  • New blogs and website creations.
  • Introducing new blogs and websites from students.